Amy the Siren

Amy the Siren was the disguise of Amy Cavenaugh. She tipped off Velma Dinkley about the missing sardine boat and met Velma in the guise of a singing mermaid, in order to get Mystery Inc. to investigate the disappearance of her husband, Dr. Spike Cavenaugh.


Present Life

Season one

Amy Cavenaugh

Velma found Amy at sea and that she needed help from a gang of Fish Freaks. After the Fish Freaks were jailed, it turned out that Amy was the wife of Spike Cavenaugh. (The Siren's Song)

Physical appearance

She is a siren/mermaid hybrid; she looks more amphibious than human.


She used what she had learnt about Velma and tried to use befriend her and get her help.

Powers and abilities

She has a haunting singing voice. Her swimming ability is excellent, so that she can leap great distances out of the water.



♪My song fills your heart. ♪
♪From the depths of the sea. ♪
♪Please listen and learn. ♪
♪All you can learn from me. ♪

- Amy singing.

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