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Beware the Beast from Below
Season 1, Episode 1
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The Creeping Creatures
Bewere the Beast from Below is the 1st episode in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated .  It aired on April 5 2010.  It is also the first episode of Season 1.


The gang congratulate each other on solving a mystery but are put in jail by Sheriff Bronson Stone for intefering in police buiseness. 

Once out of jail, an uninterested Velma gives tours at the Crystal Cove Spook Museum. She starts to cheer up as she explains they weren't real. Her parents stop her because they don't want her ruining the buiseness. Daphne tells her parents the gang is misunderstood, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo have a big breakfast and Fred is building a trap.

Meanwhile, some sewer workers discover a hidden passageway and are cocooned by the Slime Mutant.

The gang are driving to school when the mutant comes out of the sewers and attacks. The gang escape and run into the police who found the cocooned bodies.They investigate the sewers where Daphne finds a locket. Daphne dreamily sighs as Fred goes to ask Sheriff for the bodies but he instead steals one.

The gang question a teacher named Professor Emmanuel Raffalo who says the man is still alive.  The monster might be real because the cocoon is organic. The gang head over to K-Ghoul where their friend Angel Dynamite works. Scooby eats the cocoon and the gang discover it is Fruitmeyers food. The gang head to Fruitmeyers

When Fruitmeir leaves for the night, the gang break in to investigate. The mutant attacks. Freds trap is set but fails. Soon the monster is cocooned to the wall as Sheriff and Mayor Jones arrive. The mayor gasps as he sees Daphne's locket. The gang explain Fruitmeir was the creature but Fruitmeir walks in. Baffled, the gang unmask him to be Raffalo who planned to break into the bank for money. 

The gang party at K-Ghoul as the phone rings. They pick it up as a man named Mr. E warns them the mystery just begun.



  • Fruitmeir was suspected to be the creature, coincidentally he has the same voice actor as it.
  • One of the tourists at the tourguide resembles Don Knotts. 

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Daphne : (dreamily) Don't worry. Fred will make him understand."

Fred: Shaggy, Scooby! Start the car!

Shaggy: I thought you were going to talk to him! 

Fred: He wasn't in a listening mode!

'V'elma: So you stole a body?!

Daphne: Wait! What about this locket I found in the sewers?

(mayor gasps then looks angry)

Raffalo: Never seen it before!


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