Brad Chiles
Brad Chiles
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Hair color

Blond with streaks of darker blond

Personal Information

Judy Reeves


The Freak of Crystal Cove

Family Information
Family members
Chronological and political information

Amateur sleuth (formely)


Judy Reeves

First Appearance

Escape From Mystery Manor

Brad Chiles is a currently missing member of the original Mystery Incorporated, along with the rest of his teammates. He is also the husband of Judy Reeves and the biological father of Fred Jones, Jr..

Mr. E had sent Scooby-Doo and the gang to find clues to solve the mystery of their disappearance. He was shown in Daphne Blake's locket along with Judy Reeves, showing their relationship together.

It was revealed that Brad tried to return Crystal Cove two years later after marrying Judy and giving birth to a kid, but Fred Jones, Sr. (as the Freak of Crystal Cove) took his baby son and cast Brad out, naming the child Fred Jones, Jr. after him. Fred eventually learned this truth and went out to search for his parents.

Physical appearance

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Early life

He and his gang investigated Darrow Mansion. (Escape From Mystery Manor)

He saw a monster coming and going to and from the Old Spanish Church. He found a scroll. (Pawn Of Shadows)

When they discovered the scroll was like a map they set off to find the disks. The freak forced them to leave Crystal Cove. 2 years later he had a son. (All Fear The Freak)



  • In Crystal Cove Online, you can get a trophy of Brad if you obtain two shoe power-ups.
  • He is the real father of Fred Jones, Jr.
  • He is one of the two original Mystery, Incorportated members that has not been found yet. However, Ricky Owens as Mr. E was revealed by Professor Pericles and his true identity is not known yet by the current Mystery, Inc..
  • In Danny Darrow's mind, he believes Fred to be Brad, which could be similar as to how Brad is Fred's real dad.